Frýdek-Místek is a city with a rich cultural tradition. Most of the events are provided by the contributory organization Národní dům Frýdek-Místek under the brand Culture F≈M.

Theaters In addition to the amateur cloverleaf stage, there is a theater on three stages in Frýdek-Místek – the New Stage of the Motherland, the National House and the Petr Bezruč Cinema. For a theater performance in the New Stage Vlast, you can get a favorable subscription to the F≈M Culture. Performances for children also have a firm place in the program. From October to April, on Sundays, children’s performances are held in the New Stage of the Vlast, which continues with the screening of children’s films. Program of individual facilities, tickets to performances or details of the subscription can be found at

Cinema F≈M culture is managed by Kino≈Vlast, a modern digital technology cinema that features several premieres every week, so unless exceptionally hosted by musicians or theater companies from different parts of the country, it plays every day of the week. In addition to the premiere, viewers at Kino≈Vlast can also see reprints of successful films that they may have missed before and which have long since disappeared from multiplex programs. We also organize special screenings for children, seniors, but also kindergartens, primary and secondary schools. More demanding viewers will surely love our Film Club, in which we present original films of world cinematography. At least once a month we organize lectures with film experts or discussions with filmmakers. And there are no exceptions such as blind projection or breakfast in the cinema. In the summer months, the cinema on a trip is screened every Wednesday in the open air. The cinema program can be found at

Hall Polárka The modern multifunctional hall was built in the place of the original multipurpose sports hall. It opened to the public in 2014. It serves as a sports center and offers facilities for large cultural events. It has a capacity of 2060 seats. The hall is run by the municipal company Sportplex. More at

Club scene For a concert of your favorite band or songwriter in Frýdek-Místek you can go to the music club Stoun,, the non-smoking pub U Arnošta, or jazz Stolárna and fans of harder genres come into their own at the Master Rock Bar.

Chateau Frýdek The Beskydy Museum is located in the Frýdek Chateau. There are also short-term exhibitions and concerts. The Knights’ Hall with 35 coat of arms of Silesian aristocracy is a representative space. More at

Festival Frýdek-Místek In June, the city has several unique festivals – the International Folklore Festival, the Sweetsen Fest, Jazz in the City, the Beer Festival and the Unbound Theater Theater. All of these events are part of the Happy program, which covers the Culture of F≈M. More at