City hall

The municipality provides all necessary information to citizens. We run an electronic official board and e-mail room. At our office you can also use the services of Czech POINT and at individual workplaces of the Municipality, of course, in addition to clients ordered via the Internet, we also serve clients who come to the office. The Secretary of the City Council of Frýdek-Místek ensures the performance of delegated powers, with the exception of matters entrusted to the City Council or a special body of the municipality by law. It also fulfills tasks arising from the Act on Municipalities or special laws, for example: it fulfills tasks assigned to it by the City Council or Mayor, ttends meetings of the City Council, fulfills the tasks of the employer’s statutory body towards the city employees.

City hall of Frýdek-Místek

Street: Radniční 1148, PSČ 738 01

Building in Frýdek
Radniční 1148, Radniční 1149, Radniční 10, Radniční 13
Phone: +420 558 609 111, fax: +420 558 609 166

Building in Místek
Politických obětí 2478

Phone: +420 558 609 444, fax: +420 558 609 466
Bank: KB,a.s., pobočka Frýdek-Místek, č.ú.: 928-781/0100
IČ: 00296643, DIČ: CZ00296643
ID data boxes: w4wbu9s

Administrative district of the municipality with extended powers: